Top electric golf carts on the market 2019

Today golf carts are not manually operated but rather use electricity. The top electric golf carts are an ideal way of moving around the golf course throughout the eighteen holes. They significantly reduce the level of fatigue and the chances of getting hurt while carrying your golf equipment. The MotoCaddy S1 Digital walking Powered cart has one of the best golf cart batteries for endurance and is one of the top carts in the market that provide an individual with all the basic features of a golf trolley plus  other added features.  These carts are not only easy to fit in your car trunk due to their flexibility that makes them fold but also ideal for golf courses that are hilly.

Prior to purchasing an electric golf cart it is recommended that you learn how to operate it. There are some carts that have complex operating systems and might end up giving you sleepless nights as you try to figure out how they are operated using video tutorials online.

Advantages of using top electric golf carts

The main advantage of the top electric carts today is that their operation is mainly done through applications on smartphones and buttons. Each electric golf trolley has a speed variation range that can be customized to suit that of the player. The speed variation ranges should be tested in an open space prior to using it on the hilly golf courses to test for efficiency and functionality.

Folding and unfolding the electric cart is an essential skill since it will be necessary to do so in order for it to become easily portable if the batteries need recharging. When selecting the golf carts ensure that you select a battery weight that you can easily handle. The most ideal and convenient method of carrying your golf clubs is by the use of electric golf trolleys.

MotoCaddy S1 Digital Walking Powered Golf Cart

There are many other models made by the same manufacturer but this is considered the best model by many people. The cost of this top electric golf cart is almost half of what is charged for the other models in this series. There are nine speed range variations that can be switched from one speed to the next by giving the speed controller switch a twist. The aluminium body makes it light hence easily portable. It has additional features like a diagnostic system in case of malfunctions and a drink holder. The battery can be updated to a version that is Lithium powered; it produces no sound while moving and can easily manage movement on eighteen holes.

Other top electric golf carts include:

The Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart, Spitzer EL100 Lithium Ion Electric Golf Cart, Cart-Tek GRX-1200R Remote Control Power Caddie and Spin It Golf GC1R.

How to choose the best earplugs when shooting guns

How to choose the best earplugs when shooting guns

By excessive noise exposure, you run the risk of ruining your hearing. Normal conversation is in the range between 60 and 70 dB. A gunshot can reach 140 dB, which is as loud as a jet and can be disastrous for your ears. Most people don’t notice the change right away, but in time they become aware that they can’t hear well.  How do we do that?

Earplugs vs. Muffs

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Earplugs might be smaller than the muffs, but they don’t necessarily fit well, which might leave you exposed to the loud sounds of guns. On the other hand, earmuffs can get in your way when shooting. They are too big and they can cause headaches. Luckily, there is a variety of choices when choosing the earplugs. What are some considerations when choosing the best earplugs for shooting guns?

In the lab

All the earplugs,as well as other hearing protection, need to be lab tested. You can’t sell them before that. After the tests, they get a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). This tells us how many decibels the plugs can reduce. The higher the number, the better. A good level to have is between NRR22-33. Those are the best earplugs for shooting guns.

Material world

Most of the earplugs are disposable. The are made of foam and present an inexpensive way of protection. Besides being cheap, their advantage is that they are comfortable. Another comfortable material is wax, which is mold-able, so the earplugs fit like a glove. Finally, in this day and age, we have technology on our side. That mirrors in shooting area, too. You can buy electronic earplugs, which will allow the conversational level sounds to pass, while protecting you from high noise level. Take all of these into consideration when choosing the best earplugs for shooting guns.


Another thing to consider when choosing the best earplugs for shooting is the fit. You don’t want to hurt the ears, and the plugs too small will let the sounds through. Plugs should be able to sit well for a long period of time. Earplugs shouldn’t have cords or any other additions that can bother you while shooting.


While at the shooting range, you can choose any color you like, but if you are hunting, you don’t want loud colors. Pick the plugs you deem the best.

Using A Stud Finder While Working On Wall Fittings

Using A Stud Finder While Working On Wall Fittings

A thin drywall is not strong enough to take the weight of suspensions for a long time. That is why it’s always a bad idea to nail any pin on the thin part of the wall. Rather you should always find out the studs in the wall by using the best stud finders to locate the strongest parts of the wall for the fittings.

What are studs

Hollow wooden walls are supported by studs. Studs are beams of wood which runs from the ceiling to the bottom as multiple vertical supports, and support both planks of the wall on either side. Between two walls the studs are placed with a generally standard gap of 16 to 21 inches. Generally drywalls made of wood gets their structural strength from the stud. And studs are best located by the best stud finders.

Why find studs in the wall

Studs in the wall are those points on the wall where you find high density wall to drill a hole, hammer a nail, hang a wall hanging or furniture or fitting etc. Studs are wooden slats or beams which vary in thickness from wall to wall, but offer a high density zone of some 2 inches to drill holes and fix attachments on their structural support. You cannot hang those same things on the thin part of the wall, or else the wall with break from that portion soon, and structure would get damaged. Therefore it’s important to locate studs on the wall using best stud finders.

How to find studs in a wall

Studs are found or located on walls using a machine called stud finder. These machines are primarily of two types. They are the magnetic stud finder and the electrical stud finder. The electrical stud finder is the new age invention and thus offers the best stud finders.

Locating stud in a wall using a stud finder is an easy job, and a layman also can do this with little guidance. You simply need to glide or move the stud finder along the wall slowly, and watch the indicator light blink or shine significantly once a stud is detected. The machine works simply by detecting the difference in density of material or the presence of nails in the wall. Both would tell about the placement of a stud. And these machines work accurately.

As a homeowner to do your own DIY fittings, or as a handyman or professional you must own you own stud finder and get one from among the best stud finders.

What are the biggest golf tournaments?

What are the biggest golf tournaments?

The golf as we know it today originated in Scotland, in 15th century. It is a game where you use various clubs to try and hit balls into holes. The goal is to do it in as few hits as possible. It is played on 18 holes on beautifully manicured fields. Usually associated with wealth, it can get expensive, but rewarding, too. As it is a highly competitive sport, there are tournaments held all over the world.

So, what are the biggest golf tournaments?

The Majors
There are four tournaments in the majors. The first is Masters Tournament in April, held at Augusta National. To keep it free of water after rain, there is a system of pumps, to get the water out of the soil. Next is U.S. Open in June, played at different location in the U.S. Then we have The Open Championship in July. It is played in the United Kingdom. The last one is PGA Championship in August, played in the United States.

These competitions hold great importance to golf players all over the world. The reputation of the players depends mostly on the number of victories they accumulate on these. This answers the first part of the question: “What are the biggest golf tournaments?”
Other tournaments

The said tournaments are the best known, but there are other big tournaments. Some of these are:

  1. BMW Championship,
  2. Tour Championship,
  3. The Barclays,
  4. The Player’s Championship, also known as “the fifth major”.

What are the biggest golf tournaments, by other criteria?

You can rate the tournaments by the prize money. The winner of one of The Majors gets $1.44 million, while the British get a little bit more, thanks to the stronger currency.
1. British Open
2. PGA Championship
3. Masters
4. U.S. Open

Another criteria is television ratings.

1. Masters
2. U.S. Open
3. PGA Championship
4. British Open

While we are covering the media, we should mention media hits, though this is highly subjective, depending on the writer.

1. U.S. Open
2. Masters
3. British Open
4. PGA Championship

Here, you can compare different golf tournaments, based on various factors, like money, place and media coverage. Although it is portrayed as a sport for the rich, anyone can follow it and gain some insight. Hope this helps you find the answer to the question: what are the biggest golf tournaments?

Best books on putting to improve your game in 2018

Best books on putting to improve your game in 2018

The term ‘putting’ is commonly used in golf. It is regarded as the art of avoiding all obstacles on the green and putting the ball into the hole. A better understanding can be gathered from a good book on putting. Hereinafter the matter is going to be discussed.

Features of a best book on putting

A good book on putting contains proper guidelines about how a golfer can be a good putter. The guidelines include substantive methods and game plans for a player. The short playing in golf is always a challenging task for a golfer. Without having knowledge about a proper and unique method, one cannot overcome the problem.

Tip – always make sure the writer of the book has substantial experience as a golfer first (or at least a good coach of good golfers). Today a lot of pro golfers have their own blogs they write about tips and techniques on. From driving drills to the top 2019 best putting drills they share it all on the internet, so a book is not always needed.

With the help of such a book specially written by a prominent golfer the particular player who is worried about the problem of putting can try to overcome the same. Since many players are not strong in this particular area, the person who is willing to start playing golf, can have the proper knowledge about putting from such a book.

Remember ‘drive for show and putt for doe’! Players forget that usually over half of all shots played on a golf course are done on a green. Meaning your putter will get a work out and it is where you can very quickly improve your game now matter the skill you have.

Best Examples:

The following books are regarded as the best books on putting in the market:

  • Dave Stockton’s Putt to Win
  • Stan Utley’s The Art of Putting
  • Jack Nicklaus’s Putting My Way: A Lifetime’s Worth of Tips from Golf’s All-Time Greatest.’

These best books on putting are unique as to their features and contents, which can guide properly a golfer for being a good putter. Therefore, a golfer as well as a beginner can get a lot of help from these books.

How does it work?

Although it is evident that the best books on putting can give us a proper idea about putting, it is equally important for a golfer to understand the literal meaning of the contents as well as the practical knowledge of it.

In other words, if a golfer gets the idea about how to be a good putter as well as practice the same in the field, he or she will be able to get the ultimate result. Therefore, the following can be the key instructions from the books on putting for a golfer:

  • Collecting a good book on putting
  • Knowing the instructions
  • Practicing the same in the field.

After all, it may be mentioned that a good book on putting can change the life of a golfer who is weak in putting. Always remember to have fun though even if your putting isn’t going so well.

A day on the course is always better than a day in the office!

Best golfing locations in Western Europe

Best golfing locations in Western Europe

Golf is still one of the fastest growing sports in the world. In developed countries, it’s a sport like any other sport. The number and scope of investments into golf, especially into golf terrains and facilities is very large. It is true that golf is a sport that takes a lot of time, especially if you want to play on a large 18-field golf course. It is 4 to 5 hours of fresh air in a beautifully designed environment. This is why a good golf terrain is the key prerequisite for good and enjoyable golf experience. Unlike the terrains of all other sports, each and every golf course is unique. Whether the field is “signed” by a top golf course designer or an unknown architect, the same amount of concentration and knowledge is required. The only difference is whether we like it or not, whether we will come back or forget it.

Many countries invest a lot of money in golf terrains arrangement and landscaping. France is number one in Western Europe when it comes to the best golfing locations and golf travel is becoming more and more popular both among the sportists and the tourists. Simply buy a golf travel bag, get on a plane  and you are ready to play!

#1- Morfontaine, France

This amazing golf terrain dating back to 1913 is located in the North East France. Even though it is not the longest golf course in this country, Morfontaine is certainly the most beloved one both by the French and other golf players. Beautiful scenery, it’s rich history and challenging holes are its key features. Many players come to this crème de la crème course for the golf chat as well.

#2- Utrecht de Pan, Holland

This most famous Holland golf course dating back to 1894. was designed in the English style. It is well-known for the easy swing – friendly landscape at certain places and mesmerizing serenity of the landscape. However, its at places very curvy terrain is rather challenging even for the best golf players.

#3-St. Andrews, Scotland

Playing golf in this historic site is certainly un unforgettable experience for all the lucky ones who have had that chance. It is actually a golf course complex. In total, there are seven courses. The most beautiful one is the Old Course, but the six ones are as interesting and as challenging.

#4 – San Lorenzo, Portugal

If you want a touch of luxury, hedonism, breath taking views and amazing facilities while playing golf, definitely visit San Lorenzo in Portugal. This is the favorite destination of rich golf players.

Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

Are you a Basketball player?? Do you want any comfy footwear?? Come let’s discuss about the best basketball shoes for flat feet. You need a comfortable foot wear because you are continuously running up and down the court for extended time. A best basketball shoe for flat feet will have a comfortable sole that doesn’t injure your feet when running, as well as toughness to manage the extreme motion. In general, the purpose of the best basketball shoes for flat feet are ease use and sturdiness which benefits the people with flat feet.

Ankle sustenance is always good for a best basketball shoe. The foot remains steady inside the shoe, and it also safeguards that the ankle doesn’t make any uncooperative actions when foot resting on the floor. This is definitely a compact advantage in best basketball shoes for flat feet players, there are more significant features in basketball shoes that could help those with flat feet.

Let us see the best basketball shoes for flat feet basketball players:

Nike Air Force One High

The Air Force one running shoes have exclusive style of ankle support, with first-class leather upper that contains a Velcro ankle band. This band improves the ankle sustenance that is necessary to make wild cuts on the basketball court.

Furthermore, this best basketball shoes for flat feet contains a midsole with larger softening. You are almost guaranteed to be comfortable and confident when you are playing, no matter what flat-footed you are and how hard you run on the basketball court. The best part about running shoes like the Nike Air Force One is that you are not losing to get your money’s worth out of them. You can even wear them while playing hoops or when you’re checking out with your friends.

Jordan AJ XXXI Basketball Shoes

 The bi-layer Jordan AJ XXXI Basketball shoes are very trendy and also it is a game ready, Best Basketball Shoe for Flat Feet. These top level basketball running shoes are composed of artificial leather with a elastic sole that will help you to keep your base easy while running. The complex design of the Jordan XXXI sneakers will feather the Nike logo and the Air Jordan logo on the same side of the sneaker.

The feet of these basketball shoes have the word “banned” across from them, with the Air Jordan logo in the middle. You will be able to hold up with these sneakers on the court, even with flat feet.  The arches are pronounced enough to encourage a higher step in the Best Basketball Shoes for flat feet.

Golf Umbrellas: A day saver

Golf Umbrellas: A day saver

Suppose it is a beautiful day and you plan on playing golf but suddenly the clouds start to roar and within some seconds the raindrops start to fall to the ground and sabotage your golf day. Well, surely this is very upsetting for a golf player. But don’t worry the 2019 model golf umbrellas are there for you to save you from the bit of rain or high winds. These umbrellas are not some standard umbrellas as they are manufactured to protect you from the unpleasant weather conditions on the open ground.

You cannot just pack your regular umbrellas because they won’t just do it. The golf umbrellas are manufactured solely for the golfers. These umbrellas provide you the most coverage and are generally larger.

Unpleasant winds

The standard umbrellas cannot survive on open ground, and they will turn in on themselves as the winds get stronger and stronger. The best golf umbrellas are meant to be windproof due to which they don’t fail on the vast open field of golf.

Best golf umbrellas

There are many types of golf umbrellas available which range from the simple ones to the ones equipped with features. Following are the best golf umbrellas:

1) GustBuster Pro Series Gold 62-inch Golf Umbrella

This golf umbrella is being used by many of the professional players of golf. It provides longevity and efficiency. As the model name of this umbrella suggests it is very large its 62-inch diameter canopy provides enough space for two people. This umbrella has a double canopy which makes it more flexible and strong. This umbrella has been tested to survive over 55 MPH winds which surely makes it to be in the list of best golf umbrellas.

2) RainStoppers 68-Inch Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella

This umbrella is great for golf teams and as well as for family use in daily lives because it has a diameter of 68 inches which provides coverage for at least 3 people. If a single person uses this umbrella he can easily protect himself and his gear. Its shaft is made up of fiberglass and canopy is made up of nylon which makes it very strong.

3) Procella Golf Umbrella 62-inch Large Windproof Auto Open Rain & Wind Resistant

This umbrella is equipped with many features and one of the most incredible golf umbrella. This umbrella has a canopy of 62 inches which provides a lot of coverage. It has a carbon fiber body which makes it light. It has a single-hand opening feature which makes the coverage fast and due to this, it is more expensive than other options.

4) GustBuster Classic 48-Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella

This model from GustBuster is smaller than the previous one but it comes with more features. It has a diameter of 28 inches which can provide coverage for a single person and gear. This umbrella doesn’t come with the pinch system which is found in most of the umbrellas which makes it more efficient than other umbrellas in terms of opening.

The umbrellas mentioned above are the best golf umbrellas due to their efficiency, flexibility, and ability to withstand strong winds.