Best books on putting to improve your game in 2018

The term ‘putting’ is commonly used in golf. It is regarded as the art of avoiding all obstacles on the green and putting the ball into the hole. A better understanding can be gathered from a good book on putting. Hereinafter the matter is going to be discussed.

Features of a best book on putting

A good book on putting contains proper guidelines about how a golfer can be a good putter. The guidelines include substantive methods and game plans for a player. The short playing in golf is always a challenging task for a golfer. Without having knowledge about a proper and unique method, one cannot overcome the problem.

Tip – always make sure the writer of the book has substantial experience as a golfer first (or at least a good coach of good golfers). Today a lot of pro golfers have their own blogs they write about tips and techniques on. From driving drills to the top 2019 best putting drills they share it all on the internet, so a book is not always needed.

With the help of such a book specially written by a prominent golfer the particular player who is worried about the problem of putting can try to overcome the same. Since many players are not strong in this particular area, the person who is willing to start playing golf, can have the proper knowledge about putting from such a book.

Remember ‘drive for show and putt for doe’! Players forget that usually over half of all shots played on a golf course are done on a green. Meaning your putter will get a work out and it is where you can very quickly improve your game now matter the skill you have.

Best Examples:

The following books are regarded as the best books on putting in the market:

  • Dave Stockton’s Putt to Win
  • Stan Utley’s The Art of Putting
  • Jack Nicklaus’s Putting My Way: A Lifetime’s Worth of Tips from Golf’s All-Time Greatest.’

These best books on putting are unique as to their features and contents, which can guide properly a golfer for being a good putter. Therefore, a golfer as well as a beginner can get a lot of help from these books.

How does it work?

Although it is evident that the best books on putting can give us a proper idea about putting, it is equally important for a golfer to understand the literal meaning of the contents as well as the practical knowledge of it.

In other words, if a golfer gets the idea about how to be a good putter as well as practice the same in the field, he or she will be able to get the ultimate result. Therefore, the following can be the key instructions from the books on putting for a golfer:

  • Collecting a good book on putting
  • Knowing the instructions
  • Practicing the same in the field.

After all, it may be mentioned that a good book on putting can change the life of a golfer who is weak in putting. Always remember to have fun though even if your putting isn’t going so well.

A day on the course is always better than a day in the office!

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