Best golfing locations in Western Europe

Golf is still one of the fastest growing sports in the world. In developed countries, it’s a sport like any other sport. The number and scope of investments into golf, especially into golf terrains and facilities is very large. It is true that golf is a sport that takes a lot of time, especially if you want to play on a large 18-field golf course. It is 4 to 5 hours of fresh air in a beautifully designed environment. This is why a good golf terrain is the key prerequisite for good and enjoyable golf experience. Unlike the terrains of all other sports, each and every golf course is unique. Whether the field is “signed” by a top golf course designer or an unknown architect, the same amount of concentration and knowledge is required. The only difference is whether we like it or not, whether we will come back or forget it.

Many countries invest a lot of money in golf terrains arrangement and landscaping. France is number one in Western Europe when it comes to the best golfing locations and golf travel is becoming more and more popular both among the sportists and the tourists. Simply buy a golf travel bag, get on a plane  and you are ready to play!

#1- Morfontaine, France

This amazing golf terrain dating back to 1913 is located in the North East France. Even though it is not the longest golf course in this country, Morfontaine is certainly the most beloved one both by the French and other golf players. Beautiful scenery, it’s rich history and challenging holes are its key features. Many players come to this crème de la crème course for the golf chat as well.

#2- Utrecht de Pan, Holland

This most famous Holland golf course dating back to 1894. was designed in the English style. It is well-known for the easy swing – friendly landscape at certain places and mesmerizing serenity of the landscape. However, its at places very curvy terrain is rather challenging even for the best golf players.

#3-St. Andrews, Scotland

Playing golf in this historic site is certainly un unforgettable experience for all the lucky ones who have had that chance. It is actually a golf course complex. In total, there are seven courses. The most beautiful one is the Old Course, but the six ones are as interesting and as challenging.

#4 – San Lorenzo, Portugal

If you want a touch of luxury, hedonism, breath taking views and amazing facilities while playing golf, definitely visit San Lorenzo in Portugal. This is the favorite destination of rich golf players.

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