Golf Umbrellas: A day saver

Suppose it is a beautiful day and you plan on playing golf but suddenly the clouds start to roar and within some seconds the raindrops start to fall to the ground and sabotage your golf day. Well, surely this is very upsetting for a golf player. But don’t worry the 2019 model golf umbrellas are there for you to save you from the bit of rain or high winds. These umbrellas are not some standard umbrellas as they are manufactured to protect you from the unpleasant weather conditions on the open ground.

You cannot just pack your regular umbrellas because they won’t just do it. The golf umbrellas are manufactured solely for the golfers. These umbrellas provide you the most coverage and are generally larger.

Unpleasant winds

The standard umbrellas cannot survive on open ground, and they will turn in on themselves as the winds get stronger and stronger. The best golf umbrellas are meant to be windproof due to which they don’t fail on the vast open field of golf.

Best golf umbrellas

There are many types of golf umbrellas available which range from the simple ones to the ones equipped with features. Following are the best golf umbrellas:

1) GustBuster Pro Series Gold 62-inch Golf Umbrella

This golf umbrella is being used by many of the professional players of golf. It provides longevity and efficiency. As the model name of this umbrella suggests it is very large its 62-inch diameter canopy provides enough space for two people. This umbrella has a double canopy which makes it more flexible and strong. This umbrella has been tested to survive over 55 MPH winds which surely makes it to be in the list of best golf umbrellas.

2) RainStoppers 68-Inch Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella

This umbrella is great for golf teams and as well as for family use in daily lives because it has a diameter of 68 inches which provides coverage for at least 3 people. If a single person uses this umbrella he can easily protect himself and his gear. Its shaft is made up of fiberglass and canopy is made up of nylon which makes it very strong.

3) Procella Golf Umbrella 62-inch Large Windproof Auto Open Rain & Wind Resistant

This umbrella is equipped with many features and one of the most incredible golf umbrella. This umbrella has a canopy of 62 inches which provides a lot of coverage. It has a carbon fiber body which makes it light. It has a single-hand opening feature which makes the coverage fast and due to this, it is more expensive than other options.

4) GustBuster Classic 48-Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella

This model from GustBuster is smaller than the previous one but it comes with more features. It has a diameter of 28 inches which can provide coverage for a single person and gear. This umbrella doesn’t come with the pinch system which is found in most of the umbrellas which makes it more efficient than other umbrellas in terms of opening.

The umbrellas mentioned above are the best golf umbrellas due to their efficiency, flexibility, and ability to withstand strong winds.

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