The Best Irons and Putters of 2018

The Best Irons and Putters of 2018

Best golf irons of 2018

Whether you are a beginner or an expert golf player, everyone wants to have an excellent piece of steel in their hands. In this article, we are going to tell you about the best beginner golf irons of 2019 reviewed. It is evident that every golfer wants to have an ideal hit with a perfect iron. You can see a lot of websites saying ‘best golf irons 2018,’ but it is not necessary that those irons will live up to the expectations of an experienced golfer.

Before making up your mind for a golf iron, you have to know some things like:

Types of production

There are two kinds of golf iron available, one is the forged iron, and the other one is cast iron. The forged iron provides the premium quality at a high price, and the cast iron has a much lower cost associated with it.

Mode of weight distribution

There are two types of irons which are categorized by their weight distribution “the blade and cavity back irons” as the name suggests the blade irons are blade shaped. These irons have even distribution of weight at the head which makes it easy to swing them. These are meant for low handicappers, and a point of caution is that the amateurs should not go for these. The cavity back irons have most of the weight distribution on the perimeter. Many medium and higher handicappers play with these.

Type of shaft

There are two types of shafts, the steel and graphite shafts. The steel shaft is the most commonly used shaft in the sport of golf. It has a lower price, greater stretchability, and resilience. On the other hand, the graphite shaft is very lightweight, super stretchable, and provides a high swing speed which makes it expensive.

You should always test a golf iron before you purchase it.

Best golf irons

Below is the list of best golf irons 2018.

1) Taylormade p790 individual iron 2018

This one is one of the most expensive one, tagged at a price of $1,138. It has an incredible design and comes with speed foam technology.

2) Cobra men’s 2018 f-max one length iron set

This golf iron is the best of 2018 for mid handicappers. Many consider it to be the lightest iron ever. Its one length feature is great for amateurs and high handicappers. Furthermore, it is suitable for seniors and ladies.

3) Callaway 2018 x forged iron set

This one comes at a price of $975 and provides splendid spin, fantastic iron, and accelerating cg.

4) Mizuno 2018 mp-18

Mizuno has undoubtedly made it to the list by pushing the limits to greatness. It is best for amateurs, comes up powered with boron-technology, and the larger head makes it easier to play for the high handicappers. It has a price tag of $149.95.

Based on their accuracy, speed, and swing the above-mentioned golf irons are the best golf irons 2018 for us.

Best putters of 2018

In golf, every shot matters and exactly this makes golf a beautiful sport. It means that a long-drive of hundreds of yards is as crucial as the small distance putt. The significance of a putter is such that if you carry the correct putter in your bag, then you may find the hole in a limited number of shots. If you want to find out which putter is the right one for your game, then, first of all, you got to identify your stroke. You have to determine that when you putt, then where does the club move from? Does it move through the ball in an arc shape or does it travel straight through the ball? If the arc is the case, then you have to opt for the class blade-shaped putter, and if the club moves straight through the ball, then a mallet-shaped putter is a good option.

Are you ready to pick the best putter for you? Well, then you have come to the right place because the following list is about the best putters in 2018.

1) Odyssey Men’s White Hot SupeStroke RX #2 Putter

For us, it is the best blade putter of 2018. Most putter wins in PGA are thought to be won by Odyssey. Odyssey’s White-Hot is found more commonly in the pro golf bags than any other of its competitors. Its heel-toe weighted blade enhances the White-Hot performance. The clear coating on the hitting surface increases the rate of friction to roll the golf ball rapidly off the striking face. Due to its splendid performance, we have put it on our list of best putters in 2018.

2) Wilson Harmonized M1 Square Heel-Toe Putter

We put it on our list as the best budget blade shaped putter. If you want to enhance your game by spending less on the gear then this putter is made for you. This putter provides you the best feel during your stroke due to its medium soft grip.

3) Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter

According to some sources, it is the best classic blade shaped putter. You can grab it for just $100 from Amazon and put it into your bag. It is designed to provide the golfer maximum sense while making the hit. It provides the alignment and accuracy along with the accurate heel-toe weighting.

4) TaylorMade Spider Putter

As the name suggests the manufacturer has labeled it as the spider but if you actually play with this one you’ll notice that it is actually a spaceship which put the ball into a black hole. The high raised contrast sightline offers you the best chance to aim. The vertical insert provides you the grip to launch the roll of the ball at impact. Furthermore, it enhances player’s feel due to which it’s placed on the list of best putters in 2018.

All the putters mentioned above due to their accuracy, cost, and feel surely deserve to be on the list of best putters in 2018.

The five Best golf players in 2018

The five Best golf players in 2018

Golfing is one of the sports that many individuals like to indulge in for fun as a hobby while there are those individuals that participate in the game professionally. There are many best golf players in 2018 ranked in the order of their present and past performances. The top ten ranks of individual who have made wins in 2018 include players like Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllory, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and Jon Rahm.

Jordan Spieth

So far Jordan Spieth has not given the golf enthusiasts a reason to hate him since his remarkable win in the year 2015. He has participated five times in the Augusta National competition which shows how competent he is in his golfing skills until he proves his fans otherwise. He is still considered one of the best golf players in 2018. This year he is participating in his fourth masters and he is not the first in the 54-hole for his very first time.

Justin Thomas

His most recognized win occurred in 2017 though he has never been among the twenty top ranked players in the Augusta National. His golfing skills are well polished which results to him getting a 69 to 70 par a majority of the times he is in the golf course. He is one player that all golf lovers know what to expect from him during any game.

Dustin Johnson

Dustin is well known for the T4 he made in 2016. He plays a 69 or D.J par which give him the potential to walk away with as many as five or six of the green jackets. Achieving a 44 seems an easy task and a real possibility for him in the near future.

Rory McIlroy

In 2015 Rory Mcllroy finished in the fourth place. His way to achieving a Championship Dinner this year is most like to come effortlessly putting into consideration that he is considered one of the best golf players in 2018. Many golf lovers acknowledge the potential that he holds and predict big achievements for him in the near future. He has been close to winning for the last four consecutive years emerging among the ten top ranked players. If he makes a win this year in the Augusta he will be the third youngest golfer in the slam after Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods most remembered wins are in 2005, 2002, 2001 and 1997. He is the one of the players that knows the Augusta inside out such that he might possibly be blindfolded and still break 90. If this doesn’t place in the category of the best golf players in 2018 then I don’t know what will.

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