The five Best golf players in 2018

Golfing is one of the sports that many individuals like to indulge in for fun as a hobby while there are those individuals that participate in the game professionally. There are many best golf players in 2018 ranked in the order of their present and past performances. The top ten ranks of individual who have made wins in 2018 include players like Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllory, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and Jon Rahm.

Jordan Spieth

So far Jordan Spieth has not given the golf enthusiasts a reason to hate him since his remarkable win in the year 2015. He has participated five times in the Augusta National competition which shows how competent he is in his golfing skills until he proves his fans otherwise. He is still considered one of the best golf players in 2018. This year he is participating in his fourth masters and he is not the first in the 54-hole for his very first time.

Justin Thomas

His most recognized win occurred in 2017 though he has never been among the twenty top ranked players in the Augusta National. His golfing skills are well polished which results to him getting a 69 to 70 par a majority of the times he is in the golf course. He is one player that all golf lovers know what to expect from him during any game.

Dustin Johnson

Dustin is well known for the T4 he made in 2016. He plays a 69 or D.J par which give him the potential to walk away with as many as five or six of the green jackets. Achieving a 44 seems an easy task and a real possibility for him in the near future.

Rory McIlroy

In 2015 Rory Mcllroy finished in the fourth place. His way to achieving a Championship Dinner this year is most like to come effortlessly putting into consideration that he is considered one of the best golf players in 2018. Many golf lovers acknowledge the potential that he holds and predict big achievements for him in the near future. He has been close to winning for the last four consecutive years emerging among the ten top ranked players. If he makes a win this year in the Augusta he will be the third youngest golfer in the slam after Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods most remembered wins are in 2005, 2002, 2001 and 1997. He is the one of the players that knows the Augusta inside out such that he might possibly be blindfolded and still break 90. If this doesn’t place in the category of the best golf players in 2018 then I don’t know what will.

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