Top electric golf carts on the market 2019

Today golf carts are not manually operated but rather use electricity. The top electric golf carts are an ideal way of moving around the golf course throughout the eighteen holes. They significantly reduce the level of fatigue and the chances of getting hurt while carrying your golf equipment. The MotoCaddy S1 Digital walking Powered cart has one of the best golf cart batteries for endurance and is one of the top carts in the market that provide an individual with all the basic features of a golf trolley plus  other added features.  These carts are not only easy to fit in your car trunk due to their flexibility that makes them fold but also ideal for golf courses that are hilly.

Prior to purchasing an electric golf cart it is recommended that you learn how to operate it. There are some carts that have complex operating systems and might end up giving you sleepless nights as you try to figure out how they are operated using video tutorials online.

Advantages of using top electric golf carts

The main advantage of the top electric carts today is that their operation is mainly done through applications on smartphones and buttons. Each electric golf trolley has a speed variation range that can be customized to suit that of the player. The speed variation ranges should be tested in an open space prior to using it on the hilly golf courses to test for efficiency and functionality.

Folding and unfolding the electric cart is an essential skill since it will be necessary to do so in order for it to become easily portable if the batteries need recharging. When selecting the golf carts ensure that you select a battery weight that you can easily handle. The most ideal and convenient method of carrying your golf clubs is by the use of electric golf trolleys.

MotoCaddy S1 Digital Walking Powered Golf Cart

There are many other models made by the same manufacturer but this is considered the best model by many people. The cost of this top electric golf cart is almost half of what is charged for the other models in this series. There are nine speed range variations that can be switched from one speed to the next by giving the speed controller switch a twist. The aluminium body makes it light hence easily portable. It has additional features like a diagnostic system in case of malfunctions and a drink holder. The battery can be updated to a version that is Lithium powered; it produces no sound while moving and can easily manage movement on eighteen holes.

Other top electric golf carts include:

The Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart, Spitzer EL100 Lithium Ion Electric Golf Cart, Cart-Tek GRX-1200R Remote Control Power Caddie and Spin It Golf GC1R.

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