What are the biggest golf tournaments?

The golf as we know it today originated in Scotland, in 15th century. It is a game where you use various clubs to try and hit balls into holes. The goal is to do it in as few hits as possible. It is played on 18 holes on beautifully manicured fields. Usually associated with wealth, it can get expensive, but rewarding, too. As it is a highly competitive sport, there are tournaments held all over the world.

So, what are the biggest golf tournaments?

The Majors
There are four tournaments in the majors. The first is Masters Tournament in April, held at Augusta National. To keep it free of water after rain, there is a system of pumps, to get the water out of the soil. Next is U.S. Open in June, played at different location in the U.S. Then we have The Open Championship in July. It is played in the United Kingdom. The last one is PGA Championship in August, played in the United States.

These competitions hold great importance to golf players all over the world. The reputation of the players depends mostly on the number of victories they accumulate on these. This answers the first part of the question: “What are the biggest golf tournaments?”
Other tournaments

The said tournaments are the best known, but there are other big tournaments. Some of these are:

  1. BMW Championship,
  2. Tour Championship,
  3. The Barclays,
  4. The Player’s Championship, also known as “the fifth major”.

What are the biggest golf tournaments, by other criteria?

You can rate the tournaments by the prize money. The winner of one of The Majors gets $1.44 million, while the British get a little bit more, thanks to the stronger currency.
1. British Open
2. PGA Championship
3. Masters
4. U.S. Open

Another criteria is television ratings.

1. Masters
2. U.S. Open
3. PGA Championship
4. British Open

While we are covering the media, we should mention media hits, though this is highly subjective, depending on the writer.

1. U.S. Open
2. Masters
3. British Open
4. PGA Championship

Here, you can compare different golf tournaments, based on various factors, like money, place and media coverage. Although it is portrayed as a sport for the rich, anyone can follow it and gain some insight. Hope this helps you find the answer to the question: what are the biggest golf tournaments?

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